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eti is down

melon wolves

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is it this

is it over

murder suicide pact? i don’t think i can pull the trigger but i’ll want to die

does code kermit still exist i had an account there at one point

marcel is probably in some remote paradise island with his kawaii fiancee and has no idea the turmoil we are in

There are currently 5 people code kermiting

oh does not that not work here tiko

lmao i vaguely remember.. was it the boot password? jesus it’s insane how much of my brain space is devoted to LL/eti

There are currently 7 people ETI IS DEAD, LONG LIVE ETI.

is this because sabretooth retired

what did vahe do

i hate that discord is siphoning off eti traffic

tiko get charged a nickel for every post

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