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*during sex*

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HER: Hurt me
ME: Your unreasonable attachment to the Siemens VFD drives on the Keikyu Line are simply a comforting psychological trigger to the joy of riding trains and gives no consideration to the safe upkeep of the rolling stock.
HER: What theβ€”
ME: Furthermore, the upward Do-Re-Mi scale was meant to be pleasant sounding to commuters towards their daily grind to work, so if you find it soothing, you’re doing what they designed it to do.
HER: You can stop now.
ME: Whether you like it or not, the Toyo Denki VFD drives have proven more reliable than the Siemens drives. As much as you want the Keikyu Line to feel like going to Disneyland, you’ve gotta accept progress and grow out of your silly attachment to a motor drive firing up.
HER: I want a divorce.


Trying too hard

i like ska


mbn to be a sexhaver

Trying too hard

during what

thread head

He said sex. You know, the thing that’s imposible?

❧ Edited by MasterOfMagic at 2020-07-28 20:21:24Jul 28 20:21
Trying too hard

Does sex even exist?


Sex has to exist because I have it every night. Though I’m not sure why anybody else would need to be there.

Trying too hard

From: Mister Taxi at 2020-07-28 14:17:07
during what

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