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@tiko I’m iso a new leather wallet

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has to be a front pocket wallet

what are the best leather goods recommendations u have I know u just bought a leather wallet

english sites only


I looked at tanner goods I didn’t really like any of their styles


just get a sick fossil breh

thread head



pretty much something like this is what I’m looking for tho


Edited by hello2udog at 2020-07-29 01:42:36Jul 29 01:42

I think


i’m no expert but
it depends on what kind of leather you want

this is what i’m using for frontpocketing rn but it’s sold out https://www.weargustin.com/store/accessories-horween-chromexcel-8-fold-wallet
the cxl #8 leather is a well known nice burgundy kind color
you can tell they cheaper out on some of the details like the middle part on the inside is unfinished but it’s a good price for fancy leather. the flap thingy is weird but works nicely for stuff i want to easily remove like my train pass
it also folds shut nicely and fits good in my pocket

if i were gonna splurge on a tiny wallet i might get this: https://www.ironheart.co.uk/accessories/ihg-089.html
shell cordovan is the “best” (ie most expensive) part of the cow
but they jacked up the overseas price twice as much as it is in japan lol
there’s probably cheaper equivalents somewhere

gustins current wallet campaign looks ok but the stitch is kind of weird https://www.weargustin.com/store/accessories-horween-english-tan-bifold-2 i bet the leather looks dank tho

if you want to really enjoy the aging process then get a “natural” leather instead. the tan color of that bellroy wallet is probably one. i bet it’ll look sweet when it develops a patina

and that lean wallet looks like the best corner kind i’ve seen so far. a lot of them are just leather pockets. this seems way more useful

anyway sorry i’m a noob at this lolz

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bird on skateboard

moonspeak tangent:
my fancy wallet is nubuck leather which is kind of like suede but different
it feels super soft and looks neat
but it’s huge and i can’t frontpocket
might cop the card holder ver if it’s thin enough

can’t find anyone who imports these or similar leather in US shit lolz
i’m sure it exists somewhere tho

bird on skateboard

this red color is so sexy imo

ugh the last thing i need is a third wallet but now i’m tempted

bird on skateboard

thanks I’m about to check these out

I was just looking at this in naked color what do u think https://craftandlore.com/products/the-port-wallet

they also make shell cordovan ones but I like the light color


From: hello2udog at 2020-07-29 04:41:37
check out this sweet post I just found lol https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/ah2dmy/leathercraft_an_artisan_steals_a_wallet_design/?utm_source=xpromo&utm_medium=amp&utm_name=amp_comment_iterations&utm_term=control_2&utm_content=post_body

I’ll prolly go w the Lean one

I wish I could feel it though

lmao wtf
i like the look of the lean one better anyway
the drama wallet is kind of a clusterfuck design wise

bird on skateboard

that red one is pretty and it looks like it feels so good


check this one out

skip to like 3 mins. that’s fuckin sweet


I ordered that one in burgandy w red thread I’ll post pics when it arrives. gonna be awhile cause it seems like he makes everything to order. they’re different now than in that review video so idk if the leather will be as nice but it’s the same leather as the lean essential


how did tc know tiko was a wallet autist

these are sick btw

cause wallets are fashion



thread head

From: hello2udog at 2020-07-29 04:54:54
check this one out https://youtu.be/2ADUdLN_00Y

skip to like 3 mins. that’s fuckin sweet

hell yeah leather ftw

bird on skateboard
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