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the fat dude in the old school mecha teams

fat fat mecha mecha

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like why was he there


every team needs a fat guy


ein cooler typ

He’s there for a certain segment of the audience to identify with.

Trying too hard

From: Philoktetes at 2020-08-27 04:15:37
every team needs a fat guy


what would happen if your team didn’t have a fat guy

like you have the ace, a skinny dude

a smart woman

your mission control back at the base directing you on how to defeat the kaijuu of the week

what does the fat guy do


Die so the rest of the party bonds deeper about pretending to care about his death.

If the fat guy wasn’t there then a party member that the audience cares about would have to die and then they’d actually have to give up something they cared about to succeed.

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Trying too hard

Eases the tension

Resident deity
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