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Tiko give me fashion tips

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From: OfficerJenny at 2020-09-11 16:50:59

From: Tiko at 2020-09-11 12:54:10

From: OfficerJenny at 2020-09-11 10:05:07
Things like this for N&F for the current season https://tateandyoko.com/collections/naked-famous-denim-fall-winter-2020/products/naked-famous-denim-weird-guy-tatami-denim or things like the persimmon dyed jeans in tiko’s first post

i grabbed the tatami jeans and jacket
it’s super weird fabric but it’s really cool
i’m curious how it’ll age but i have too much stuff to fade and never go outside via covid

I really wanted to get them but the 33 weird guys are sold out now since I was waiting on the seersucker corduroy jackets so rip I guess. Still gonna get the burgundy jacket though.

i got the super guy cut and it’s ridiculously skinny
i can barely fit lolol
those jackets look sweet tho i also want to get one. can’t decide between blush and burgundy.

the pink would match my pink jeans



but idk if i can pull off pink on pink
pink plus burgundy would prob look better
hmmmm 🤔

bird on skateboard
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