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Zoneful late Sunday afternoon, zone inhabitants?

feeling zoneful late afternoons sunday

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playing exalted w/ my buds

Resident deity
Trying too hard
bird on skateboard

Currently partaking in Zone Mail Hour

Trying too hard

From: MasterOfMagic at 2021-02-01 05:46:35
Currently partaking in Zone Mail Hour

the what

1.3.3  Zone Mail Hour

Zone Mail Hour (ZMH) is a defined time during which all nodes in a zone are required to be able to accept netmail.  Each Fidonet zone defines a ZMH and publishes the time of its ZMH to all other Fidonet zones.  See sections 2.1.8 and 10.2.

Zone Mail Hour has previously been referred to as National Mail Hour and Network Mail hour.  The term Zone Mail Hour is more accurate.
Trying too hard

Not very zonely yesterday

Trying too hard

glad things are melted here in the North Texas zone of the world

Turn on
Tune in
Zone out

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