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No fruit juice

japan pocari sweat

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“No fruit juice” is written (in Japanese) on the POCARI SWEAT label, so why is “fruit juice” listed as one of the ingredients (in Japanese)?

The labeling of fruit juice content is based on operation standards relating to the “Labeling of Soft Drinks Not Containing Fruit Juice,” established by the Japan Fair Trade Commission in 1973. If a soft drink contains less than 5% fruit juice, then the label is required to indicate “No fruit juice,” “Does not contain fruit juice,” “Zero fruit juice,” or the actual juice content percentage. However, under Japan’s Act on Standardization and Proper Quality Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products (JAS Law), which stipulates quality standards for processed food products, any juice content must be listed as “fruit juice” in the ingredients. POCARI SWEAT contains some fruit juice in its ingredients but the amount is less than 5%. This is why the product is labeled “No fruit juice.”

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Pocari (butt)sweat

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