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redpill me on leasing a car vs buying

car buying cars

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don’t lease, i’ve done it a few times now and i always regret it

definitely buy used imo

get an extended warranty. i just bought a car from carmax and it’s a pretty painless process.

my main beef with leasing is the paranoia about damaging the car, even minor stuff. you’re pretty much at the mercy of the dealership when it comes time to turn it in. if somebody scratches you while you’re parked, you gotta fix it. or if the tires are too worn, you’re responsible for buying new tires. in reality I haven’t had terrible experiences with the dealers screwing me on this, but the anxiety i develop about it isn’t worth it to me.

don’t tell me what to do

that’s one of the reasons i like carmax

you pay a bit more, but the no haggle approach is worth it imo

sick whip brah

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