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redpill me on leasing a car vs buying

car buying cars

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leasing is for people who dont have to ask on the internet if leasing is a good idea for them

From: Mister Taxi at 2021-04-03 02:47:50
I’m reading about car buying tactics now and i hate it already

watch this dude’s whole channel:

In the end, just stay the fuck away from all traditional car dealerships, they are all lying and they are all a scam

Just use Carmax or Carvana and be done with it.

I bought my car from a dealership, I shopped at several dealerships for it, and it was a nightmare the entire way through and my experiences were not even as bad as some people’s. There is a reason Car Salesmen are one of the most hated professions in the country. Literal scum of the earth, full of shit all of them.

Like for my car, I paid $10,900 for a 2013 Prius C with 24,000 miles on it.

The car was listed on their website for $9,800, but of course that was a bait & switch, as soon as the saleman starts talking money they add on bullshit fake fees and drive the price up to $11,600

I ended up walking out because I wanted the car for $10,000 flat and they refused. But then I came back and got it anyway for their final $10,900 offer because I looked it up online and it was a solid Kelley Blue Book price anyway.

also like the vid says, I did not explicitly say I was gonna pay cash to the saleman but he did trick me into letting slip the implication that I might, which is prob also part of why they wouldnt budge anymore on the price.

yea next time I need a car I am not even bothering with these car dealers, just going straight to Carvana and Carmax.


When you compare their prices to the dealerships, it feels like Carmax/Carvana are more expensive than the shit you see listed on https://www.cars.com/ at your local dealer.

But that is not the case, because its guaranteed that none of the dealer’s listed online prices will be real. The price you end up paying at the dealer will be in line with the equivalent Carmax/Carvana is showing you, except you will have to go through the ringer car sales process with the car saleman scum lying and trying to manipulate you every step of the way

also like that Kevin Hunter guys suggests, if you need financing, get it yourself independently, but obv do not tell them that either while you are shopping.

I had an offer from Lightstream lined up for ~4% APR IIRC that I was ready to fall back on if I needed to.

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