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Uh.. did anyone else see this the Mars pic? Kinda making me suspicious

mars suspicious weird

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imagine viewing a cell or bacteria under a microscope

its on a flat slide, you are looking down onto it from above, the drawings and diagrams usually present a view downwards even though there are like cross section diagrams

really the cells and bacteria are 3 dimensional, maybe even an alternate dimension

the same thing with planets and the ocean fish go up down all around but the limit is the surface of the water

the moon looks like a flat disc in the sky from far away

in space you can go up down and all around

the regular things people think on earth are different in space theres an extra dimension of movement once you travel up and out…. its like a Z axis or something

another axis.png

yea mr taxi theres like another axis of movement going on….i think space is a fluid or something its not a vacuum but people dont have the instruments to see what it actually is or whats going on for certain


im just reading about it now for the first time not knowing what it is and its pretty compelling stuff!

it literally does tho tiko ^^^

i aint fuckin around either like no jokes lol i got ideas and stuff

been thinkin about this shit for years i would consider it calculated

THINK about it yea? step out of ur forum stuff and Japanese demin shit

ya ya praise the LORD pray even lol ^^

just step out and look in, just like under the microscope type shit

i think people got these tools and instruments to measure yea

but really these tools and things can only go so far,,,,,they provide results and answers to the things people deal with and work with day to day but you can always go further or deeper

really ive been waiting for this james webb telescope shit

its getting close now hopefully this year it will show some awesome shit

sorta like that 5th force of nature bullshit yea

theres another axis of movement

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