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I got some seeds and this planter from my mom. Italian parsley, purple basil and cilantro planted.

I also ordered some pepper seeds, fertilizer, and watering can/spray bottle. Hopefully will be logging progress here.


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now this is epic

Shark Cat


I’m preparing my gardening beds. I put out 2 potatoes for the hell of it when it was really warm a month ago; it froze and snowed, so they’re dead.

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From: Dylar at 2021-04-28 00:14:33

bird on skateboard

wait is basil a vegetal o_O

ein cooler typ


Shark Cat

I got fertilizer, pepper seeds, and watering can/spray bottle delivered today

I need to steal a bit of topsoil from my mom then I can start the peppers

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raining out

hopefully tomorrow I can really work on my garden, I have lots of seeds, I need to grow lots of happy flowers

not the drug flowers, regular flowers (I do have poppy seeds tho?)



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From: βœ“ | Posted: 2021-04-29 22:38:08Apr 29 22:38 | Filter

is that a bean

its purple basil

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neat does it taste different from regular basil

idk i haven’t tried it yet

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Basil continues to grow, cilantro and parsley only maybe one or two have sprouted.

I also planted a variety of habanero pepper seeds.


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Cilantro has sprouted

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From: βœ“ | Posted: 2021-05-04 00:37:51May 4 00:37 | Filter

wasting no time

I bought some herb plants in addition to my seedlings

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nice ggaenip

Shark Cat
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