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Another sardine thread

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you should eat them they’re pretty good

not technically sardines but i feel like changing the thread title would be cheating

for me half the fun is trying the myriad types and brands of tinned seafood. and i generally love the design work. inevitably there are some big misses and this was one of them. kinda mushy and (cold) tomato sauce flavor pretty much dominated. i might be biased because one of my earliest memories is my mom feeding me spaghetti with cold tomato & mushroom sauce and i ended up puking all over the couch because it was so gross and i’ve had issues with cold tomato stuff ever since. anyway, overall pretty bad.



these are still my favorites and i will pimp them until i die


Sardines are great. So is mackerel. I’ve never had tinned calamari tho?


I’ve tried a few calamari cans now and haven’t really felt compelled to eat any of them again

have had some decent oysters though

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