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I bought a 3DO

3do gex retrogaming terrible ideas

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From: Tiko at 2021-05-02 08:15:13
never touched one
only game i know on it is Another World b/c of that guys articles breaking down the rendering techniques

Another World can be played on any number of different platforms. I think the 20th Anniversary edition is considered the “best”, but I prefer playing it on my Dreamcast. It’s interesting for being a cinematic game but I don’t think it’s that playable?

I’m interested in some stuff that’s supposedly best on 3DO, like that one Super Street Fighter 2 port, even tho I’m not going to get 6 button pads for it likely ever. I’m just going to be burning discs for it so I don’t care about collecting games, and I don’t really want to use an emulator.

From what I’ve played via emulation:

PC ports

Some good, some bad. I like Allied / Panzer General on pretty much any system. I know PC is best, but the PS1 version has greatly entertained me. Alone in the Dark has been described to me by a friend with a 3DO as “craptacular,” but I’m not sure if that’s the port’s fault or the game. Lemmings is probably a game that really suffers without a mouse, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy a 3DO mouse.

Ports on other systems

Really want to play Gex. Supposedly the versions on 3DO of Need for Speed and Road Rash are the best.

Original games

There’s a pinball game where it’s first-person perspective from the pinball’s point of view. Also Lucienne’s Quest, which is stupidly expensive and not on any other system. Return Fire has an expansion disc that’s only available on 3DO, and I have enjoyed the PS1 port.


Not unless I have the MPEG card, and if I were going that route, I’d buy an MPEG card for my Saturn.

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