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in this topic I post dumb shit I buy

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What grinder? I wanna replace my Mr. Coffee blade grinder.

Dang $100, I can buy five pounds of my fav coffee for that.

Is it easy to clean and do you have to replace the grinders at all?

I appreciate that but I am too paranoid.

Ordered this on ebay.


deadair parts.png

bootleg adjustable bcg.jpg



I wish I was a school girl about to die

Are those body armor plates? Level 3 or 4?

Man I could not do that, would worry about messing up the pic. That is why when I was a kid I gave away my Spiderman mouse pad.

Technically no fund have been exchanged yet but I have it

Tomorrow new furnace and AC will be installed.

Snus delivery came in too but they sent the wrong kind. The stuff they sent is like 4x stronger than what I use LMOA.

The stuff they sent is 45mg of nicotine per pouch (20 per tin). My normal brand is 12mg per pouch (24 per tin). I sent them an email yesterday after I opened the package about exchanging but they are in Sweden so probably will not hear back until after the weekend.

Also the previous owners still get stuff sent here, six years after I bought the place. Got some SIM card to activate, threw it in the trash LMOA.

I am gonna pay cash when I get the invoice but like they did all of this and I have never signed any paperwork or anything, just an email saying “yeah I want option #1.”

I have done business with them before tho so maybe it would be different if I were a new customer.

FedEx texted me a tracking number but I have no idea what for

From: OfficerJenny at 2021-07-20 09:07:06
Love when I buy dumb shit and forget I bought it and get the tracking number

I did buy something, but retailer is in Texas, but this came from Louisiana on the border of Texas so maybe… But the weight is way too light for what I ordered unless it is like one piece of the order out of four items.

From: MasterOfMagic at 2021-07-20 13:29:47

From: Fubonis at 2021-07-20 04:34:36
FedEx texted me a tracking number but I have no idea what for

I’ve been getting those with links to phishing sites

It is a legit link and text from FedEx from past communication.

I think insurance is all a scam.

Another dumb thing I gotta buy now is a parking ticket.

Hopefully no one walked off with them.

MySnus said I could keep the stuff they sent and they are gonna send me the stuff I ordered too. Popped one in after dinner and I am feeling it!

Got my shipping notification for this


And blue vinyl of this


I ordered a shredder on ebay yesterday, got a delivery today from Walmart for the shredded and a bag full of candy bars. I feel like my small ebay orders are just dudes reselling from Amazon or Walmart.

Should I throw away the candy bars? I dunno if I trust them.

Nice will you be listening to FLAC and/or vinyl

That is like when I got a Talkboy and it is just a hand held recorder and nothing like the movie.

Any dumb device I can buy to play 1080p mkvs and stuff? My old Android mini PCs from like 10 years ago just cannot keep up anymore. Thinking about just buying one of those small surplus Dell PCs I used to see on ebay a lot.

From: Dylar at 2021-08-18 02:25:06
I’ve never bought anything on ali im scurred

Same, thought about it before but it was kinda illegal stuff so never bothered.

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