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in this topic I post dumb shit I buy

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my friend lost his virginity after a bjork concert in a dumpy motel in Detroit

buy anything lately

what’s the difference between thrifting and flea markets

what do they do, have a lottery for the cards but bundle in mandatory shit with it?

man what a scam

do they also bundle stuff


we don't rent pigs

i bought a new manual coffee grinder I’m excited for it but definitely falls into the dumb shit category since i already have not one but two electric grinders

we don't rent pigs

i have a baratza encore and a baratza virtuoso. they’re both good, virtuoso slightly better. you can have my encore if you want, just pay for postage (i’m trustworthy).

we don't rent pigs

yeah i get it np

we don't rent pigs

grinding grinders

we don't rent pigs

i bought a kobo elipsa ereader with note taking it’s getting delivered later today. dumb because it’s version 1.0 and almost guaranteed to have issues but I’m still excited for it.

we don't rent pigs

From: Mister Choi at 2021-06-25 00:30:07
i remember my ex really wanting one and i bought her one

i think they might accept more file types than kindles do?

yeah i think that’s right. plus i think it supports dropbox for pdfs and epubs.

idk I’m replacing my old ass Kindle dx (9.7” screen) because this is the first decent ereader to come out in a while that has a big screen (10.3”) plus you can write on pdfs and shit with it.

we don't rent pigs
we don't rent pigs

what happened to your rib

we don't rent pigs

From: OfficerJenny at 2021-07-02 15:47:53
Motorcycle wreck like a month ago


i love motorcycles. took a cross country trip with my dad on his goldwing when i was a kid. i just don’t trust other people enough to ride now.

glad u made it through

we don't rent pigs

From: Dauros the Deity at 2021-07-14 22:08:52
okay i’ll try to remember this topik next time i get something stupid sorry


we don't rent pigs

i wish you wouldn’t use jew like that

we don't rent pigs

that’s a shame, i would have been excited by it too

we don't rent pigs

go herman miller aeron it owns

we don't rent pigs

yeah price is inflated no doubt but one of the few instances i think it’s justifiable, i really love it

we don't rent pigs

I’ve never bought anything on ali im scurred

we don't rent pigs

From: MasterOfMagic at 2021-08-24 18:30:28
Not really. It boils down to:

  1. Season the new humidor by ensuring that it gets an initial dose of moisture - wipe the inside with a damp cloth of distilled water

  2. Calibrate your hygrometer - this humidor comes with an analog one, so take it out, put it in a ziploc bag with a teaspoon of salt with a little water on it to get it calibrated to around 75% RH. If you’re lazy (like me) they make kits for this with a known humidity.

  3. Install the humidifying device - in this case, it’s the Humi-Care gel - soak the beads with distilled water in their container and place in the humidor.

  4. Cigars in humidor, humidor in cool place away from sunlight

  5. Every week, check hygrometer is reading between 65%-75%

  6. Every month, recharge humidifying device (distilled water on beads) and rotate cigars in the humidor.

  7. Every year, check humidifying device for replacement (those beads last about a year, but other devices can last longer)

  8. Humidor closed when not getting a cigar.

Pretty simple, once you have the hang of it. Occasionally you’ll want to recalibrate the hygrometer.

sounds satisfying

we don't rent pigs

lube me up daddy

we don't rent pigs
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