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sandy hook was a false flag

add blank posts tiko jesus

hope he’s doing alright.

left ETI years ago

From: not rikasa at 2017-10-05 03:26:31
hope he’s doing alright.

bird on a skateboard

I’ve been summoned and I feel blessed

I’ve been realizing the past few years…

Life is about loss. It’s about life. It’s about rebuilding and renewing

It’s a series of cycles

You win you lose you fail you grow


It’s hard

No one can ever deny this

But you have to learn to appreciate
I have to learn to appreciate

It’s there. It exists. Or does it?

One is drawn to Jim Carrey @ this point, his recent media exposure, his new ‘outlook’

But watching him on norm, he tries, succeeds, and fails, in all that he’s trying to do

Is this any different from the Jim Carrey we’ve known before this? Is this any different than anyone.. ever? No

White Kanye

lol jsut found this by googling my username lolz

White Kanye

the jim carrey of thread zone


welcome back lolz

bird on skateboard


thread head

Let him be free

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