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Got a tooth pulled today thought I was going to die lol

dead ptsd phantom pain

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Jesus it was so awful. I was yelling in pain and the dentist told me I was scaring the other patients and then he started referencing Batman and the joker and I started laughing and it relieved the stress a little bit because it just seemed surreal and absurd to have my mouth stretched open into a huge grin while I’m screaming and have the joker referenced idk but God damn it was terrible I unironically was sure it was going to be a fucking lobotomy I thought it was going into my brain

Wish I wasn’t too afraid to take the nitrous it probably would have been fun but I was sure I was going to die from it I can’t stop thinking I’m going to die on like a daily basis so that made it worse

Can’t smoke now bcs or dry socket risk so considering buying a nicotine patch. I’m still smoking weed but I’m just like.. breathing it. Not smoking. So knock on wood should be okay

Now I still think I’m going to die. I think the caffeine in the medication mixes with the weed and makes me paranoid or something I don’t know. Constantly convinced I’m dying though it’s fucked up

did you do it with just local anesthetic? damn
hope u feel better

bird on skateboard


hon patroller

From: Tiko at 2018-08-31 16:58:20
did you do it with just local anesthetic? damn
hope u feel better

Yup, nothing else. Didn’t even take ibuprofen etc beforehand was so worried about complicating things idk. Knock on wood seemed to go well though so just doing post op recovery with codeine, ibuprofen, naproxen. just bought some kratom too. I have to move tomorrow so gonna need to be at top of my game and not in pain and I find it better to cycle between rather than use one substance continuously

From: TimeLady Victorious at 2018-08-31 17:31:43

It’s a pictures of me

Literally having phantom pain. Feels like I’m going through the procedure over and over this is really fucked lol

Well I went back today and they gave me a script for Tylenol 3s at least so more codeine should help I guess

Just moved tto a new apt today tho and of course I’m paranoid that there’s hidden cameras in here because why wouldn’t i be

stay strong moon man

bird on skateboard

Went back today bcs it was still bad. He said another tooth had an abscess. So that’s why lol. Gave me more antibiotics, better ones, and a script for Percocet

So while I should have had a script for percs from the start the first dentist gave me absolutely nothing and also cut the inside of my gumline like the joker while referencing the joker.

Now my concern is my organs are in bad shape or something because throughout the year I’ve been taking ibuprofen and Tylenol and codeine for the pain. But I would go a month without It, a few weeks without etc. But still concerned

Gotta get this abscessed tooth extracted next week. This has been the worst health ordeal of my life dealing with this and I’m afraid for it getting worse it feels like an episode of house or something. If I can make it through all this and be alive and be okay and come out the other side I feel like I will be able to accomplish anything. I just want to make it through this alive.

good thing you got it figured out tho
im sure you’ll be fine :-)

bird on skateboard

Yeah thanks man I was honestly terrified I was going to die but knock on wood the antibiotics seem to be doing their thing

I had booked an extraction for the abscessed tooth at the place I’ve been going but honestly I’ve had such awful care there and the Google review is 2.4 and the majority of reviews are 1 star

Also when people leave comments with their review the dentist office actually looks up the person’s file and talks publicly on Google review about those people’s cases, their mouths and what the issue was, all posted publicly

Just seems like weird bad vibes. Also when I had an abscessed tooth removed 5 years ago elsewhere I had to wait until the antibiotics were thru their course iirc, not a couple days later. Reading online it says that if it’s extracted too early the infection can go into the hole.

So my dental journey is not quite at a close but I’m closer to it. The weird thing is how Percocet doesn’t make you “high” when you’re in pain and actually need it. Your tolerance jumps up immediately bcs you’re taking 5 mg 3 x a day. Oh well at least the pain is taken care of

the freewoman on the land pulls her own teeth and uses whiskey to relieve the pain

hon patroller

Whiskey is a stronger pain reliever than percocet

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