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JoJolion Chapter 80 Discussion *** OFFICIAL THREAD ***

finally a friday finally here friday...

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I’m only up through Follow the Rokakaka Tree (where Jojos Colored Adventure is) sry

part 8 owns a lot tho

dum thirsty hors


dum thirsty hors

are you watching part 5 anime

shit is really good

dum thirsty hors

Gureato even

The end of volume 10 is like my second favorite moment in JJL so far

there’s so much going on in JJL that i love
it’s a really different kind of jojo story, and the suspense is really intense, i can’t wait to see how it progresses

most of the time up until now there wasn’t really a big mystery, the stories are more like a journey from point A to point B with fights

the one big exception was part 4, which was more slice of life with a light mystery of like, where kira was hiding? i guess? but it wasn’t a mystery story per se

dum thirsty hors

Yeah and unless he starts wrapping things up soon it’s going to be significantly longer than SBR

At one point


a countdown timer shows up and he added like 10 days to it cause apparently he has way more chapters planned


oh awesome

SBR was already pretty damn long

dum thirsty hors

Yeah but the way it’s structured there’s a very clear time frame and goals

When you’re just dicking around in morioh it’s like oh I guess he can just write this however long he wants to (which is kind of what makes jojo great)


fwiw though i’d like for part 8 to have a definite resolution and not just go on forever
i have a real pet peeve with stories (especially on american tv) that just get made up as they go and never answer the questions they raise

it would really suck to have jojo turn into something like that after so many years

dum thirsty hors

that said, i wouldn’t mind if part 8 went long
josuke is a really fascinating character and i like his stand a lot conceptually
lotta cool concepts and characters being thrown around

it feels like the less obvious combat power a main jojo’s stand has, the cooler the fights are

dum thirsty hors

I mean Araki definitely is making it up as he goes along, but also barring a tragedy he is gonna conclude the story and move on to something else

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