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I welcome tavi as our newest member!

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I (accidentally) found him on gamefaqs and pointed him here says he misses typhy (don’t we all)
anyway I told him the rules and I’m sure he’s fine to be here


you are welcome here. this isn’t like eti

it’s very slow but very wholesome

Seems like it

Why isn’t my gif profile pic working?

oh LOL. you have to pay into the patreaon to get gifs

maybe I will if I come here enough. oh well this is already cute

yes it is

there is literally no one here most of the time

by the way. I am sorry for the dumb stuff that I did on ETI. that was a bad time in my life and I shouldn’t have done it. If you don’t remember then cool

hey dude, me too. you think the stuff YOU did was dumb holy cow


welcome to the zone

the thread zone

get in the zone

From: iforgotnmyname at 2018-11-29 05:58:03

welcome to the zone

the thread zone

tips invisible hat

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