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apparently people on ETI are making fun of me and SSJmike


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came to my CE and tried to spread that hate onto CE but they weren’t having it. look I’m gone ETI. move on like I have

it felt kind of bad, but I think I’ve got a handle on it now

I think I saw a single post mentioning you in a topic someone made freaking out over winbee calling them a pedo and sending them threatening messages. I forget what the post said exactly, it might have made fun of you.

Other than that I’ve not seen mention of you in forever so it can’t be a widespread thing.


okay. it sort of brought some of the pain and anger back but I had a better handle on it. ssjmike said he wasn’t intending to make fun of me just that he thinks it’s funny my “legacy” lives on even tho I am no long a a yeti

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