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should i eat mushrooms tn


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seems like not a great idea but i have some in the freezer and im drunk. btw have you read the book the three stigmata of palmer eldritch? it really owns

don’t do it as a drunk whim imo. preferably have some E and hippieflip or at least weed

that sounds llike a bad time to do something like that.

Big Spud

I didn’t do it because I am responsible

From: ella runciter at 2019-02-12 21:18:18
I didn’t do it because I am responsible

good job


stuck in a quandre

celebrate being responsible by eating mushrooms

hon patroller

tonights the night

for me to trip on DXM?

From: Mr. C at 2019-02-17 20:24:17
tonights the night

stuck here with me
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