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There needs to be an easier way to create a new thread.

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This is weird and harder to browse than ETI

sorry yeah i need to make you join some zones by default

bird on skateboard

From: Tiko at 2019-05-16 06:45:23
sorry yeah i need to make you join some zones by default

Why would you design it that way? Why can’t I just see all the threads in one place like eti?

it’s optimized for private CJs more or less
need to work on making it easier to use for public stuff

bird on skateboard

Automatic subscription to a couple of public zones would make it similar to reddit

Give them something to cling on to and make them seek out the rest

game on gamer

yeah I will admit it took a little getting used to when I first got here, so auto-subbing to a few basic zones might ease that a lil bit

just make one of them cute.thread.zone ok? >_>

Honestly I thing the tag system on eti is the best. It makes everything discoverable but you can still find relevant shit if you wanna post about something more specific.

I’ve got an eggs tag and an egg zone so I’m good to go.

marcel why are nt you fixing the site right now

How’s the ETI restoration efforts going, or is this the end?

Ese Pinche Cabron

its the end
its over



Ese Pinche Cabron
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