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Are ants sluts for cum?

cum entomology

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So I fapped this morning came into a paper towel and accidentally left it on the night stand (yes I’m gross but keep reading) flash forward to a few hours to when the girlfriend came home only for her to discover a bunch of ants on my night stand apparently ants love cum so to test my theory I left part of a fruit by the foot by the used cum rag and see what they prefer (I’m sick get over it and keep reading) flash forward an hour and they didn’t even touch the fruit by the foot so weird fact ants are sluts for cum

some say maybe, others arent so sure

trapped in the zohar

hmm it probably does have a good amount of protein and sugar and stuff

bird on skateboard

bugs are massive sluts PERIOD

From: renu at 2019-11-10 00:38:51
bugs are massive sluts PERIOD

Don’t talk about user BUGS like that.



here we go
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