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playin' ffxii zodiac age

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pretty good so far

trapped in the zohar

is that the one with like mmo-esque combat

bird on skateboard

From: Tiko at 2020-01-14 05:54:31
is that the one with like mmo-esque combat

yes, also with the programmable AI settings that many deride but actually just makes things fun in a different way

that sounds kewl tbh
one day i’ll check it out

bird on skateboard


trapped in the zohar

pretty cool so far, just when you think you have the gambit system (programmable AI) figured out, they add another scenario you need to account for. very fun.

trapped in the zohar

the gambit system is massively improved in Zodiac Age, because they let you buy them all from the start

in vanilla FF12 they get unlocked in batches as the story progresses, and it’s annoying because some good ones take way too long to arrive

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