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sup here’s some stuff i added

  • HTTPS: https://bad.thread.zone
  • Thread list paging: you can load more threads now
  • Jump to new posts: you can jump to unread posts from the thread list

are you sure about that last one

yes it only works for threads you have viewed since I posted this

  • deleting posts: you can delete your own posts, and admins can delete anyone’s posts.

no way of viewing deleted posts yet. right now i have posts totally disappear but maybe i will put a (deleted message) indicator somewhere

  • stickies (pinned topics)
  • filter by user within threads
  • “there are X people reading this thread” thing on the bottom
  • quoting works now
  • tweaked markdown, only one line break is necessary now
Edited by Tiko :-) at 2016-09-13 12:10:312016-09-13 12:10
  • profiles (not totally working yet)
  • avatars
  • changing usernames
  • changing titles
  • user about me section in profile

edit stuff in your own profile

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  • editing posts
  • handy posting shortcuts (` to focus on msg box, shift enter to insta-post)
Edited by Tiko :-) at 2016-09-13 17:40:532016-09-13 17:40
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  • front page “MOTD”, an big area of markdown admins can customize
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  • you can set your timezone in your profile now
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  • admins can lock threads now
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  • tag suggestions when making a new topic
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  • you can reset your password. there’s a link on the login page
  • after you log in it redirects you to where you were before logging in
Edited by Tiko at 2016-12-11 19:31:242016-12-11 19:31
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  • user list
  • minor cosmetic enhancements
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  • you can upload images now
  • drag and drop for image uploads
Edited by Tiko at 2016-12-14 19:23:532016-12-14 19:23
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long time no see, updates thread

  • the search feature kind of works now
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  • a topic’s tags may be edited now
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  • big ol’ update
    • unified account system
    • new home page
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  • added Zones page, partially completed
  • added Settings page, same
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  • mobile experience is better
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i added a lot of stuff over the last couple weeks but forgot to post here. permissions/roles, inviting people, re-ording zones…

also right now

  • preview button
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  • default profile
  • favicon
  • new top bar
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  • better sorting of zones on the front page, also more detailed stats
  • minor css tweaks for mobile
  • change password page (from Settings)
Edited by Tiko at 2017-10-07 17:41:312017-10-07 17:41
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lots of stuff the last week or so.

  • emoji reactions
  • spoiler tag & responsive image maps
  • Latest page (WIP, needs pagination)
  • FAQ
  • lots of front-end improvements for mobile
  • livelinks reconnects automatically now
Edited by Tiko at 2017-10-17 19:52:022017-10-17 19:52
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i will now be posting changes in https://meta.thread.zone/thread/2/1-50

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