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not authorized: rat zone


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been zoned out by the powers that be

can you verify how we know each other?

here we go

i dont know you at all rodentplan i posted some rats tho

Edited by kwazeementoes at 2020-06-07 20:44:51Jun 7 20:44

oh no that’s not how that works

here we go

guess i went too deep and got zoned out

im no fool tho though and know what i see but getting zoned out aint right theres like 10 people here

is it REALLY the rat zone

send a private message to me on eti or tell me how you know me

if not just drop it b/c im just some gay baby playing on the internet

here we go

what you see is what you get bud it is what it is i guess

i got my eye on you now….

I mean, I don’t know who you are, but I just liked to chill with rats and post rats, so I’m a bit sad but you do you <3

we were yetis in another life

stay safe out there

here we go

I was zoned out of rat zone too



From: rodentplan at 2020-06-08 08:21:46
we were yetis in another life

stay safe out there

I can still feel it inside of you - your yeti history. Your physical form may have changed, but we are all yeti spirits, shitposting as one.

Trying too hard

I’m coming for you rat fucks, you BETTER hide

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